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Let our experts assist and guide you and your product team to achieve the results you want, without wasting the resources you need!

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    Being a group of experienced and entrepreneurial product management consultants, our team is ready to integrate with your company and drive impactful product strategies.

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    Sebastian Krumhausen, Chief Product Officer

    Sebastian Krumhausen – Product Leader and Partner.

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    Transform Your Product Vision into Reality

    Unlock the full potential of your product with Mesh Firm. Whether you’re looking to scale, identify growth opportunities, or refine your strategy, we’re your dedicated partner in achieving product excellence.

    We’ve assisted numerous organizations in reaching their product/market fit faster and more efficiently.

    Benefit from the insights and guidance of some of the best Product Managers in Scandinavia. Elevate your product game with our bespoke coaching and training.

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    We’re a team of Product Managers who are excited about unique ideas and help digital companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch UI/UX.