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Take the Product Assessment and compare your organisation against best practices. 

Did you know that most Product Managers indicate that they lack a satisfactory Product Strategy?

Take the assessment below

Product Management Assessment

Product Management Assessment - Mesh Firm

Why Product Management Assessment

A Product Management Benchmark provides you with an understanding of the current state of product management in your organization, evaluating your company’s vision, strategy as well and operational capabilities.

Bottom line, it helps you understand the gaps in your product organization.

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Being a group of experienced and entrepreneurial product management consultants, our team is ready to integrate with your company and drive impactful product strategies.

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Sebastian Krumhausen, Chief Product Officer

Sebastian Krumhausen – Product Leader and Partner.

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In the Product Assessment we review your…

  • Product vision, north star and outcome-focused leadership.
  • Product strategy, business model, pricing and competitive advantage
  • Product leadership capabilities, strengths and development areas.
  • Product analytics and needed infrastructure to support hypotheses and data-driven decision-making.
  • Product leadership in product development (processes, practices, agility).
Product Managers collaborating on Product Assessment - Mesh Firm
Product Management Coaching

Benefits of our assessment

  • A clear understanding of the current state of your product management organization ( capabilities, bottlenecks, development areas).
  • Make better strategic business and development decisions in an environment where complexity is continuously increasing
  • Tangible recommendations on how to focus your resources and capabilities, management goals, implementation roadmap)
  • Findings are tailored to your organization contrasting it with the best product organization in the field.

Explore Product Management Insights

Explore the unique insights resulting from our collective work experience. Discover valuable strategies and industry trends to fuel your product journey.

Product-Led Growth - Mesh Firm
  • Magnus Nøddegaard Hansen
  • Posted by Magnus Nøddegaard Hansen
Product Management in the SAFe 6.0 framework. This image symbolizes the integration of key themes such as customer-centricity, strategic planning, agile methodologies, and collaborative product development, all in a style suitable for a business-oriented audience.
  • Sebastian Krumhausen
  • Posted by Sebastian Krumhausen
ai for product managers mesh firm | Mesh Firm
  • Sebastian Krumhausen
  • Posted by Sebastian Krumhausen

Get an in-depth Product Management Assessment by our team

Our product assessment will review your products, methods and processes.

In product management, we typically have 4 key areas to work on:

  • Discovery
  • Delivery
  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement
  • Vision and Strategy
Product Managers working on a Product Assessment - Mesh Firm