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Product Management in SAFe

Achieve Delivery Excellence in SAFe with Product Management

Harness market and customer insights with effective Product Management. Join our webinar to learn more.

Is your team delivering strong enough business impact?

SAFe 6.0 elevates Product Management to unlock new business opportunities.

Understanding the market and customer insights is crucial, and channelling this information effectively to development teams through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline is key.

Yet, the challenge remains
SAFe does not provide much guidance on executing this.

Attend our webinar to gain expert insights on successfully integrate Product Management in your SAFe organisation.

Unleash the Full Potential of Product Management in SAFe 6.0

How strong is the link between product management insights and your development teams?
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Maximizing Team Potential

Are your teams fully empowered and efficient under the SAFe framework?

Reflect on your team’s current efficiency and productivity. Is there untapped potential within your Agile practices that could further empower them?

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The Right Challenges

Are you channeling your efforts into solving the most impactful problems?

Evaluate if your energy is being invested in areas that truly matter and align with your strategic goals. Are your priorities set to address the challenges that yield significant benefits?

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Customer-Centric Development

Is your approach to product development deeply rooted in customer feedback and interaction?

Assess the extent to which customer insights are integrated into your development process. Are you truly building products with the customer at the heart?

Join our Free Webinar - Feb 29

Product Management in SAFe 6.0: Unlock Value & Drive Success

SAFe 6.0 includes more aspects of Product Management, but it’s missing the tangible, pragmatic advice on integrating market and customer insights in the development team.

The webinar will address this by speaking about the following topics

  1. Are your teams fully empowered and efficient?
  2. Are you channelling your efforts into solving the most impactful problems?
  3. Is your product development deeply rooted in customer feedback and interaction?

The webinar is meticulously designed for SAFe practitioners and managers seeking to drive tangible business results with Product Management.

Time: March 21, 14:00

Location: Online webinar

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Product Management Insights

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Your Path to a more customer centric and strategic approach starts today – Transform Your Approach, Transform Your Products.


What are the most common challenges faced when implementing Scaled Agile frameworks like SAFe?

Common challenges include managing the complexity of the framework, ensuring alignment and collaboration across multiple teams, adapting organizational culture, integrating SAFe with existing processes, and balancing agility with the necessary structure.


Ensuring that all teams are aligned with the overall strategy and goals can be challenging. Misalignment can result in inefficiencies, duplicated efforts, or conflicting priorities, impacting the delivery of value.

Who should attend the webinar?

This webinar is ideal for product managers, team leaders, and anyone involved in product development who wants to improve efficiency, decision-making, and innovation.

How does the complexity of SAFe impact an organization?

The complexity can sometimes lead to confusion, slow decision-making, and a struggle to maintain the Agile principles of flexibility and adaptability. It requires careful management to ensure that the framework supports rather than hinders progress.


Are there any prerequisites for the masterclass?

There are no formal prerequisites. However, a basic understanding of product management principles will be beneficial. You are free to bring own data sets, but it's not a requirement

Who is Mesh Firm and how can it help with SAFe implementations?

Mesh Firms specializes in Agile and SAFe methodologies, offering expert consulting, training, and implementation support. We help organizations navigate the complexities of SAFe, optimizing their Agile practices for better efficiency, team collaboration, and overall productivity.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you on your journey to master product management!