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Product Management Training

Continuous improvement and learning are key to staying ahead of your competition.

Our trainers can help you turn yourself and your product team into a much more skilled, much more capable version of itself.

Our goal is that everyone that completes our product management courses can unleash their maximal potential.

Product Leadership Courses

For Product Owners, Product Managers, and people in similar roles that want to take the next step. Learn through case studies the best practices of how to create continuous value for users and customers. We offer live training sessions (remote and in-person), and pre-recorded training you can watch when it suits you.

Growth and Product Marketing

Become a T-shaped Product Marketer specialising on digital growth.

You’ll be able to implement processes, tools, and techniques that work to grow your business, no matter the industry you’re in.


Explore our online modules

Our online sessions are modular: you can pick a course, or build your own from individual masterclasses.

Business modelling

Hypotheses &

Validating opportunities


Data-driven marketing

Dual Track

The fundamentals

Product operations:
Scrum and Kanban

Delivery excellence

Rapid prototyping

Quick feedback loops


For digital products

Product development

Make decisions based on data



Our Product Management Courses

Understanding data-driven decision-making, customer discovery, and business thinking can help you develop and sell your future offerings.

Regardless of the product you’re working on or the technique you prefer, a product manager’s job is fundamentally about leading teams to make sure they do the right things.

A Product Leader Interpersonal and soft skills are essential tools for industry professionals. Our modern product management training courses become increasingly important in meeting today’s market needs.

Get the skills and tools needed to build great products

Our training is perfect for Product Managers who want to move up into a more senior role. Become better at your job and achieve your desired outcomes, and you’ll invest in your most important asset.

 In an ever-changing market where customer demands are changing faster and faster, continuous training and improvement are the keys to success.

To successfully identify, develop, and sell a product requires experience in product management. Our product management training courses are critical to building the right products.

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Product Management Training - Mesh Firm

Get bespoke training designed for your company

If you require any training modules not listed above, or if you’d like specific content to be written for your organization, please contact us to discuss further with one of our trainers.

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