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Product Owner course with PSPO® certification

Get an introduction to the role of Scrum Product Owner. And we prepare you for PSPO® certification with
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As a Product Owner you ensure that the team builds the right product!

On our Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course you will learn everything you need to become a good Product Owner. We will teach you all the theory, tools and practice you need, and in doing so, we will share our personal experiences from years of product ownership.

We take great care to ensure that the training is linked to the participants’ application of agile principles in their own organisation.

"Superb teaching with lots of practical examples.
The instructors had lots of experience and was good at bringing the material to life."


Director · Barona

Your benefit from the course

Knowledge of what it means to build and manage a product as a Product Owner.

The ability to work at a strategic level with your product using product vision and strategy

Work with stakeholders, gather knowledge and develop roadmaps

Understanding of what it means to be a Product Owner in a Scrum or SAFe setup

Methods and tools on how to effectively improve business agility

Proof of being a certified Scrum Product Owner

Course content

Scrum Overview
  • Values and Principles

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Scrum rituals

  • Best Practice

Product Owner Roles
  • Role and Responsibility

  • Characteristics of a good Product Owner

Requirements and Product Backlog
  • Put together a product backlog

  • Value proposition canvas

  • Story Mapping

  • User stories

  • Acceptance criteria

  • User roles and personas

  • Prioritisation factors

  • Risk-based prioritisation

Strategy and planning
  • Product Vision

  • Product roadmap

  • Velocity-Driven Release planning

  • Update release plan

  • Sprint Planning

  • Release burn-down

  • Release burn-up

  • Reporting across teams

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Who is the course relevant for?

The course is aimed at Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Managers or anyone responsible for maximising value from their software products or services.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner® course gives you the basics of Scrum and the role of the Product Owner – plus you’ll learn how Scrum can help you build collaborative, sustainable and effective teams.

Meet the Coaches

Experienced in agile product management, Elena masters to bridge the gap between Business and IT while building great teams. She excels in new product delivery while maintaining existing solutions and promoting best product management practices. 


She has extensive fintech experience as Senior Product Owner and served as a Product Lead at Carlsberg.


She has been in charge of a team of Product Owners who she guided and mentored while also launching ecommerce and sales execution digital solutions for Carlsberg Europe and Asia.

Sebastian is an product management coach experienced in agile product and new business development. Sebastian is adept in defining digital strategies and delivering data-informed experiences balancing customer and business needs.


He has worked with innovation such as coaching, agile product management, go-to-market and growth since 2010 and helped companies crystallize the value proposition, business model, planned and executed the go-to-market strategy for their new business ventures.


He has previously founded an AI-startup and served as Sr. Strategy Manager in the telco, fintech and hospitality industry.

Become CSPO Certified

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If you are still in doubt, read on

What is a PSPO Product Owner certification?
The certification program is included in your course fee, and consists of an MC test with an internationally recognized certification from
Can I change dates after registration?
Yes. You can always bring forward or postpone your modules before or during the course. You can speed up or slow down your process.
Do you have other Product Management Courses?

Yes, as we are experienced Product Managers ourselves, we offer specialised courses, for example in Product Strategy, Business Modelling and Product Discovery. Find all our Product Manager courses.

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