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Welcome to Product Therapy!

This is a place for like-minded professionals who are passionate about product management to connect, learn, and grow together.

"Product Therapy is a community filled with likeminded people and experienced professionals, where I can share my thoughts and experiences and get valuable feedback"

Elena Hadjihristova

Partner @ Mesh Firm

What Is Product Therapy?

Monthly Events

Product Therapy is a monthly event providing you with opportunities to learn from and share experiences with other professionals in the field.
We discuss Product-related topics that are suggested by the community.

Meet Fellow Product Enthusiasts

Product Therapy is an opportunity to connect with other talented product managers across industries and countries.


Connect with peers, expand your professional network, find potential collaborators and mentors, and learn from others' experiences.

"Product Therapy is a community for product people to support and inspire each other, to create a space where we can relieve our product-related disorders."

Sebastian Krumhausen

Partner @ Mesh Firm

Why Product Therapy?

We started Product Therapy because most of the established events were the classical conference style and we lacked an opportunity to discuss real Product Management issues with fellow practitioners who understand us.

Therefore, Product Therapy is an on-conference style, where Product Managers, Product Owners, and Product Leaders meet and discuss challenges.

We want to have a safe and cozy space to focus on:

  • Continuous Learning
  • Conversation over long speeches
  • Problem-solving
  • Community and networking
  • Support and inspiration
  • Peer-Peer

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